Amazigh’s Religions

¡As it Known through history , The Amazigh are the original inhabitances of North Africa . Their existence extended from The Nail River  to Canary’s Islands and from Mediterranean Sea to The Big Sahara . This big erea that Amazigh had been lived in it , contributed in the diversity of  cultures and religions and beliefs of those people over the centuries that past , and not forget the big influence of all The Civilizations that came to North Africa

The Pagnism

The Amazigh had worshiped Gods Like Amone who is the god of sun and idir who is the Life’s god ,and they worshiped many other gods like Atlas-Abu El Qoron-Gorza

The Sacramental Beliefs


¡The Amazigh  had consecrated the caves, they used to offer sacrifices on the cave’s door  to the god of caves ( Bakakes)

Rocks and Mountains, for example, in the Canary Islands , some people still climb mountains and pour the milk in particular places  which considered as a sign of respect  for the mountain

The Blood is one of the sacramental things  for The Amazigh because they think that the blood is the soul , therefore when we were young  we were prevented from passing over the blood

Shrin of imedghasen

Shrin of imedghasen


Shrins and Graves also were a sacramental things for Amazigh


¡The Moon and Stars were sacramental symbols in the Amazigh’s beliefs , for that the Amazigh were called their new borns (Thiziry ) and (ayur)

El-Shemarikh , and they are a kind of Jinn , they were also a sacramental  things

The Monotheistic religions

Christianity (Catholic)  and Judaism . The Amazigh had espused them through the Romans ( when they came to North Africa

The Islam

EL-Ibadhiya ( one of the islam’s branch )

EL-Ibadhiya ( one of the islam’s branch )

And we can say it is the most religion and bilief that Amazigh are  espuse it now

Well, This is the diversity of religions and beliefs for Amazigh since they have been on North Africa . Some of this Religions or the most of them had been disappear and gone , and some of theme still exist in the Amazigh’s Life like Islam

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